The Reality of Death

The reality of life is that everybody dies. If you want to know how to deal with death and mourning according to Jewish law and custom, this meaningful, insightful and educational presentation will help you through the difficult process. This film offers answers to common questions from the burial and the funeral, through the mourning […]

The Jewish Wedding

Breaking a wine cup under the wedding canopy is probably the most widely held Jewish custom that most people have seen. Do most people know why? We’ll take you beyond what you’ve learned watching Fiddler on the Roof FEATURED SPEAKERS Rabbi Twerski, M.D. PhD.—psychiatrist, author Rebbitsin Jungreis—Founder Hineni, author, columnist, speaker Rabbi Buchwald—President National Jewish […]

Bris: The Covenant of Abraham

G-d made a covenant (Bris in Hebrew) with Abraham. If he would circumcise himself, G-d promised prosperity and eternal existence for him and his future generations. Find out about this 3000 year-old covenant G-d made with the Jewish people. This short film is a fantastic opportunity to consult the experts on everything from how to, […]