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The Jewish Wedding

Customs, Laws, and Traditions

  • Why do Jews fast on the day of their wedding?
  • Why do Jews break a plate before and a cup after the ceremony?
  • What is the siginificance of the chupa, or wedding canopy?
  • Why seven nights of parties after a wedding?
  • What are the procedures for a traditional Jewish Wedding?
  • What are the differences between Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox?
  • What are a woman’s rights in a Jewish marriage?
  • What are the elements of a successful marriage?

Breaking a wine cup under the wedding canopy is probably the most widely held Jewish custom that most people have seen. Do most people know why? We’ll take you beyond what you’ve
learned watching Fiddler on the Roof


  • Rabbi Twerski, M.D. PhD.—psychiatrist, author
  • Rebbitsin Jungreis—Founder Hineni, author, columnist, speaker
  • Rabbi Buchwald—President National Jewish Outreach Program
  • Simon Jacobson—author, director Meaningful Life Center
  • Rabbi Algaze—columnist, speaker
  • Rabbi Mordechai Becher—Senior Lecturer Gateway
  • Rabbi Milstein—Senior Lecturer Aish HaTorah

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