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Bris: The Covenant of Abraham

Covenant of Abraham Ritual Circumcision

  • Why do Jews circumcise their children?
  • What does “Bris Milah” mean?
  • What are the procedures for a Bris?
  • Why do Syrian Jews light a tray of candles at a Bris?
  • Bob, Susan or Yakov and Leah—does it matter how we choose a name?

G-d made a covenant (Bris in Hebrew) with Abraham. If he would circumcise himself, G-d promised prosperity and eternal existence for him and his future generations. Find out about this
3000 year-old covenant G-d made with the Jewish people. This short film is a fantastic opportunity to consult the experts on everything from how to, to the reasons behind the customs and
laws, to the physical and spiritual benefits of ritual circumcision.


  • Cantor Philip Sherman—certified Mohel
  • Rabbi Algaze—columnist, speaker
  • Rabbi Mordechai Becher—senior lecturer Gateways
  • Rabbi Buchwald—President National Jewish Outreach Program
  • Yaffa Eliach—speaker, author, founder Center for Holocaust studies
  • Rabbi Frank—certified Mohel
  • Simon Jacobson—author, director Meaningful Life Center
  • Rebbetzin Jungreis, Hineni—author, columnist, speaker
  • Rabbi Pesach Krohn—author, speaker, Mohel
  • Rabbi Ephraim Rubin—certified Mohel
  • Rabbi Twerski, M.D. PhD—psychiatrist, author

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